Lee Nowell-Wilson is a figurative painter, printmaker, and urban artist currently based in Baltimore, MD. Primarily using oil paint, different drawing materials, and house paint outdoors, her work investigates themes of relationship and vulnerability, as she herself navigates different processes of life involving motherhood, womanhood, and adulthood. Her work is a purposeful act of exposing her humanity, glamorous or not, in hopes of creating authentic dialogue.

"There's something that clicks at a certain point in each drawing or painting when I start to take it seriously. Like a quiet adolescent that speaks their first line of wisdom and you raise your eyebrows and tilt your head a little like 'ok. I see you.' And you realize for the first time that they are a real human, coming into form, and have been all along. But before that point in each piece of work, I always need to just scribble on the surface for a bit. Like a cat batting at a mini toy tennis ball on a string. But when it clicks, I go hard."

Professionally, Lee has worked as a muralist and was the co-founder of Blue Lined Designs, a mural painting team based in Baltimore, MD, from 2012 - 2015. She has exhibited work in Baltimore, Italy, New York, and France, as well as completing urban art pieces in Norway, France, Northern Ireland and Chile. She completed a year long residency in Annapolis, MD in 2012, and a 5 month urban arts residency in Lyon, France in 2015. From August 2015 - June 2016, her and her husband lived in Aalesund, Norway working with Youth With a Mission. Currently she lives and works in Baltimore City with her husband and daughter.


                                                         photo by Madison E. Photo

                                                         photo by Madison E. Photo